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Uncle Nearest 1856 Premium Whiskey
Uncle Nearest 1856 Premium Whiskey
Item Size: 750 ML
Item #: 1041402
Price per count : $0.080
$59.98 Sale
You Save: $5.01

Product Description

Smoothest whiskey in Tennessee. Maple charcoal filtered. Aged in charred oak barrels. The story of Uncle Nearest. Astonishingly smooth with a gentle finish. Uncle nearest 1856 is inspired by the best whiskey maker the world never knew. Tennessee's premier master distiller and teacher, uncle nearest helped perfect the distinctive maple charcoal filtering process that exemplifies the best of American whiskey. Made by hand, double distilled and aged in American oak barrels, Uncle Nearest 1856 pays tribute to his legacy and craft. The Best Whiskey Maker The World Never Knew. The hills and hollows around Lynchburg, Tennessee don't easily give up their secrets. The whispers have always been there, undiminished by the passage of time and the buzz of the larks and the mockingbirds. There, where Tennessee whiskey was born, the story quietly endured for nearly two centuries, kept alive through the recollections of kinfolk and neighbors and faded ink on brittle, yellowed pages. Was it possible that the real godfather of Tennessee whiskey was a man the world never knew? Was it true that a former slave became a master distiller, helped perfect the process still followed today, and taught his craft to others who would find worldwide fame and become whiskey legends in their own right? Let us tell you the story of the man they called Uncle Nearest. Back then, the good folks of Lincoln county were a highly knowledge-able bunch when it came to farming, milling and the raising of fat swine. They also knew their whiskey. Nothing pleased them more than the sight of steam and smoke snaking skyward from the still house on Louse Creek. It signaled to those in the hollow that Nearest Green was hard at work, making whiskey that surpassed all others. Uncle Nearest's whiskey was soon known as far away as Huntsville and Nashville for its uncommon smoothness and character. Many believe he may have been responsible for helping perfect what became known as the Lincoln County Process, where whiskey is filtered through layers of sugar maple charcoal, a process that defines Tennessee whiskey and makes it unlike any other distilled spirit in the world. The scattered remnants of cut stone still remain, but the old distillery on Louse Creek has been gone for generations now, the tin and timber beams no match for the rigors of nature and time. Yet the legacy of Uncle Nearest is alive and strong and ready to be shared by those who enjoy an exceptional whiskey - and those who believe in giving due credit to a man who worked in the shadows, turning crystal clear water into gold. Enjoy Uncle Nearest Premium Aged Whiskey neat, on the rocks, or in one of our signature cocktails.

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