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Shopping Tips

Search to get around faster

If you know what you're looking for, simply type the product name or keyword in the search box and click the "Search" button. In seconds you'll see a list of products matching your search criteria. The list is sorted by relevance, but a drop-down menu enables you to sort the list by popularity, name, price, etc.

Use My Lists

Click on "My Lists" to see a list of Previously Purchased items from your last 12 orders. Start here to save time on items you order often. You can also create Custom Shopping Lists with all the ingredients for your favorite meals or regular stock-up items. Place the entire list into your cart with just one click, and add or remove items any time.

Take advantage of weekly specials and promotions

Check out the Featured Specials in our Grocery Store by clicking on the "Specials" button on the green menu bar. New specials are posted every Sunday morning. To receive e-mail notification of our Weekly Specials and exclusive promotions, go to Communication Preferences (which you'll find under "Account Settings") and make sure the corresponding boxes are checked.

Shop by dietary needs

If you have special dietary needs or nutritional goals, you can sort any shopping list on our website to see only those items that fit your diet, such as Low Carb or Low Sodium. Try doing that in any other grocery store!

Going out of town?

Let us pack the groceries! Schedule a pick up right before you leave for vacation. Get your groceries on you way to the cabin or pick them up on the way back so you don't arrive home to an empty fridge.

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Do I have to order every week?

No, there's no requirement. You can order online for pick up as often or as infrequently as you like — even twice or more a week if needed.

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About your shopping cart

Any item you add items your online shopping cart is automatically saved until you're ready to checkout — even if it's days later. You can build your cart little by little over the course of the week. Each time you come back and log on to the site, your cart will be waiting. (To see a larger, more detailed list of what's in your cart, click the "Cart" link at the top of the page next under your name.)

Please note that putting something in your cart does not guarantee it will be available at a later time, or that its price will be the same. If you leave items in your cart for an extended period of time, there's a chance that some items may be sold out or discontinued when you return. If this happens, you will be notified about these items the next time you log on. Prices will automatically be updated. If you are concerned about the availability of certain things (especially sale-priced or limited quantity items) we recommend that you complete the checkout process. You can always add items later by placing another order for the same delivery day.

Note: due to the nature of our business, we cannot guarantee the availability of any item—even after checkout—since a slight possibility always exists that it might be incorrectly processed, damaged in transit, or sold out due to the time lag with any online purchase.

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Using My Lists

You can find the My Lists button or icon at the top right of your screen. Once you're in My Lists, the page will automatically display your Previously Purchased list. If you wish to view all of your lists, simply select the drop down arrow next to the list name to view all lists.

Previously Purchased List:

Your Previously Purchased list includes all items from your past 12 orders, sorted first by items on sale then by category. It is an ever-changing list that is updated every time you shop, and the best place to sorted find items you purchase regularly. You cannot add or remove items from this list. A great new feature is you can view and sort by your purchase date—so you can sort and view items by most recent to oldest.

Favorites List:

As you shop, you may select the ♥ icon next to items and they will automatically be added to this list. It's a handy place to capture your favorite items or simply save something for later. You may edit all of the items in your Favorites list, but you cannot delete the list entirely. If you wish to not use this list, it will simply remain empty.

Custom Shopping Lists:

Custom shopping lists can be used for your favorite recipes, holiday menus, parties and more. Custom lists are handy for things you want to keep together or don’t buy that often.

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How to check out

When your order is complete, click the "Checkout" button at the bottom of your online shopping cart, or the "Cart" link at the top of the page under your name. The next screen that appears lets you review your order, change quantities and enter promotion codes and coupon information. You can also enter or edit payment information, confirm or change your delivery day and place your order. You do not need to enter payment information each time—only when setting up your first order.

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Missed ordering deadline

If you miss your ordering deadline (Typically 4 hours ahead of your pick up time) simply go to Pickup and reschedule your delivery for the next available time.

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Changing or adding items to your order

Let's say you already placed your grocery order when you suddenly remember, "Oops, I forgot toothpaste!" Just log on to Coborn's site anytime before your ordering deadline and place another order—just be sure to schedule it for the same day! Your second order will be merged with your initial order, you will not be charged any additional fee.

You can also call Customer Relations (toll-free) at 1-844-414-7467 to have items changed, added to, or removed from your order, as long as you do so before the ordering deadline.

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Order by phone

Customers who don't have access to a computer can order over the phone by calling (toll-free) 1-844-414-7467, Monday-Friday: 8 am to 8 pm and Saturday-Sunday: 10 am to 6 pm. Please note: phone orders will not be accepted before or after the mentioned hours.

The first time you place a phone order we ask that you have a shopping list ready, and we'll work with you to find the exact items you need. If you've shopped with us before, it's handy to keep your past invoices or packing slips to reference the exact item numbers for quicker shopping.

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